The Whole Human Race

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The Whole Human Race

— The Whole Human Race is a book with a powerful message that addresses multiculturalism, empathy, and diversity in a way that's accessible to children while providing a poignant reminder to adults. The book has been widely distributed and the message that "we are all a part of what's beautiful about The Whole Human Race" is as important now as it ever was.

Our Team

Meet our storytelling kids!


The Beginning
Zula gets the reading started and gets us going on our journey.


Pax begins with a smile, telling us about why our "lips" are an important part of how we communicate.


Mei-Xiu tells us about our "voice" and the special way in which we can use it.


Tadd tells us why our "hands" can do many things to help everyone get along.


Anandani wants us to know why it's so important to listen with our "ears."


Jack tells us about our "eyes" and the many things we choose to see with them.


The Messenger
Viviana helps tell us why everything we've read in the book is important.


The Message!
Chai wraps up the book by reminding us that we are ALL a part of what's beautiful about The Whole Human Race!



Years ago, when The Whole Human Race© was written, I was living in Chicago.  It was my first "big city" experience.  I grew up in a small town in Ohio and lived in the country, so being surrounded by so many different people was unique to me.   Each day on my way to work I watched people from all different walks of life.  I saw them laugh.  I saw them cry.  I saw them coo to their babies and hug their children.  I saw them wave hello to friends and smile at strangers.  There were so many different people from different places.  Some spoke different languages and wore the clothes of their native cultures.  Some spoke with sign language.


I loved trying to understand how people were communicating with each other even though I didn't always understand the words they were saying.  Separately, all of them had their own unique story but TOGETHER they were all connected by something very simple - they were a part of the whole human race.  Regardless of where they were from, the color of their skin, their religion, who they loved, how young or old they were — there was a universal language that was understood by all.

Communication.  Verbal and non-verbal.  Smiles.  Frowns.  Tears.  Waves.  Hurrahs. Groans.  Laughter. Body language. It was all so simple - this universal language.  I thought, if we began by teaching our children and reminding everyone of this message, we could begin to change the world and make it a more peaceful place.

 Tim McFadden — Author

Imagine the World Project

Imagine the World Project — The Whole Human Race©

Join our project where students are encouraged to imagine the world! Created by author Tim McFadden and teacher Laura Seelie to inspire kids to embrace the concept of multiculturalism and diversity through their unique artistic interpretation of the message of the children’s book The Whole Human Race©.


This is a unique opportunity to take part in a book and a message that has been read all over the world. The opportunity brings young minds into the creative process, enabling their own artistic vision of the author’s beautiful message that we are all a part of what’s beautiful about The Whole Human Race©.


Multiculturalism and diversity are an important part of the global classroom.  Empathy, compassion, community and unity are concepts that empower our understanding and ability to embrace them.  The journey of discovery begins here through words and art.


One grade, two grades, all grades?  Yes!  Our project can easily be used for as many or as few grades as desired. It's up to the teacher/school.  Big or small we like it all!


Imagine the World Project© is a wonderful experience for schools of all types and for kids of all ages. For adults, it is an excellent tool for diversity training and art therapy.  Get in touch if you'd like to discuss tailoring it to your specific needs.

Visit our Imagine the World Project Website

United States


We have received so many letters and drawings from children all across the country telling us what this book means to them. 

Children from pre-school to sixth grade have sent us wonderful artwork and inspiring letters representing their bright vision of diversity.  Here, Kelly Smith reads to Mrs. Schug's 3rd grade class in Monroeville, Ohio - population 1428.

South Africa

southafrica copy

If you’ve read the book, you might be looking for a reader who inspired one of the kids. 

Well, you found her!  This girl from South Africa was the inspiration for Zula!

This letter and picture traveled all the way from South Africa.

Steve Rosenthal, Executive Director and Founder of Cross-Cultural Solutions handed out
The Whole Human Race to local villagers. This was one girl's touching response.



Steve Rosenthal, wrote: "Tim, my volunteers were amazed at the response when they read your book to this class of kids in China.  If you have anymore books to spare please send them our way!  Thanks for the amazing message."

How We Communicate


Some people have eyes they may never see. Their sight comes from within and it's as clear as can be.


Ears can here speeches and car tire screeches and waves hitting beaches and where ever sound reaches.


Some lips have sung anthems, cried for freedom it's true! Other lips in some way may have spoken for you.



A voice can welcome you or give you reason to leave. It's a thing that has power you had better believe!


A hand can reach out to another in need and lift them up to a place where they're proud and they are free.


We are ALL part of what's beautiful about The Whole Human Race!

A Crowd Pleaser!

A beautiful,well written book. What a wonderful message for children and adults. I love this book and am sending it to all the children in my life
What a wonderful message! A wonderful book full of colorful, eye-catching illustrations. A message that children of all ages should read. It is a fantastic tool for teaching tolerance and acceptance of all people. Be sure to get your copy to learn about what's beautiful about 'The Whole Human Race'.
HR Specialist
I really, really, like this book! I learned that there is no one just like me, and everyone is just like me inside. Thank you for making this book, I love it!
Advisory Learning Counselor
Best children's book! What a fabulous story! Not only is it a source of entertainment for our youth, but it has a very powerful message. Children and adults alike will enjoy this book. The bright colors and rhythmic prose make this a truly enjoyable book.
Health Physics Instructor
This book was recommended by our Children's librarian and I see why. Illustrations are charming. A good starting point for discussion.

Some Fun Facts!

BILLION. That's how many kids there are in the world!
MILES. That's how far a dolphin can hear sound under water!
STEPS. There are 2000 steps in a mile!
FEET. That's how tall a giraffe can grow!

A Think or Two

Cross Cultural Solutions ...

In December of 2015 I attended the 20th anniversary of an organization that is truly changing the world.  It was founded by someone whom I admire

Making a Difference ...

Can I make a difference?  Can you make a difference?  Can WE make a difference…. Yes! It’s not easy.  It won’t happen overnight.

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