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Cross Cultural Solutions — Changing the World

In December of 2015 I attended the 20th anniversary of an organization that is truly changing the world.  It was founded by someone whom I admire and respect and who I am honored to call a close friend.  Steve Rosenthal began Cross Cultural Solutions with the vision and desire to make the world a better place.  So many years later, he continues to do so.  He will quietly admit that it wasn’t alway easy, but it was always worth it.  The ripple of love and hope he and his organization created is without a doubt a gift to us all.  He is an inspiration in many ways.

When I first showed Steve my book he was so thrilled that there was a message like this out there.  He had firsthand experience about what I was talking about when I said that understanding each other is much easier than we think.  When he asked if he could take some books with him and his team to the places they would visit and volunteer around the globe I was filled with pride.

In the picture above is Zula, one of the kids from my book who was inspired by a real-life young girl from Africa, named Precious.  She wrote a touching letter after getting and reading the book.  When I read the letter I was overwhelmed by the idea that someone so very far away had been inspired by my ideas — by my energy.  She in turn gave that energy back to me.  This simple exchange of gratitude has stayed with me always and is the deeper text of what The Whole Human Race is about.

Steve took the book to other countries as well and got similar responses of gratitude which he passed on with such enthusiasm.   I will always be grateful to him for believing in me and my message of diversity, understanding and acceptance.  I encourage anyone interested in doing something truly powerful in their lives to check out www.crossculturalsolutions.com and see what they are all about.  It’s worth it!  Thanks for thinking with me…  Tim

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